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MG Partners is pleased to introduce you to Expense Reduction Analysts, a business that has helped our firm, as well as many other organisations, with reducing expenses. Please read the below introduction by Milton Shenker of ERA, and feel free to contact MG or Milton directly if your business would like to save some money on overheads.

What We Do

Expense Reduction Analysts improves client profitability by achieving cost savings and increased value on business expenses without any reduction in quality. We identify opportunities for savings in the indirect overhead areas of business. This includes, but is not limited to Office Supplies, Telecommunications, Freight, Printing, Energy, Travel, Cleaning, Packaging, Labour Hire and many more.

We adhere to strict codes of conduct, best practice and professionalism to ensure unequalled client service with sustainable hidden profit realisation.


What We Know

For over 2 decades we have worked with both large and small organisations providing assistance in one specific area of overhead, or in many. We have grown into an International Network of over 750 professionals worldwide operating as a unified organisation with local market expertise and true global presence. We are broadly informed about market changes and state-of-the art techniques for cost containment.


What We Deliver

We continually explore new expense categories to assist companies to save money. You will see significant ongoing savings. You will have specific criteria for using and reviewing the quality of your suppliers and the products and services they provide.

We will deliver a professional and comprehensive report to detail your current situation in the selected categories, and then through our proven systems and resources we will provide you with a range of options to identify savings in those categories. We will manage the entire process, including ongoing reviews and provide written reports along the way.


What Will It Cost You

You incur no financial risk. We are paid on performance with no risk to you. When the savings are identified, we share the savings with you only when the service is utilised or the products are purchased.

Many organisations are used to paying consultants on a project or time and material basis. The ERA contingency approach is risk free and based on measurable results.


How We Do It

We perform an extensive review process, during which we evaluate clients’ needs and current services. When the benchmarks are known and agreed, we conduct research with various suppliers, providing the client with options to realise the savings we have identified. This ensures that the outcomes match the clients’ expectations and savings are not at the expense of service or quality.

We will prepare reports at each stage of the process so you can see what we are doing.

Once the identified savings are implemented we will work together with you over an agreed period to ensure the supplier delivers on its promises and monitor pricing and service. We regularly review your implemented supplier arrangements, service and pricing, then report to you with our findings.



ERA is totally independent of suppliers and this is the key to the success of our service to you.

We have a strict policy of taking no form of payment from any supplier so you can be confident that every assignment is handled impartially, honestly and openly.



Expense Reduction Analysts is one of the leading global strategic cost management consulting firms, with over 750 consultants in 24 countries. We specialise in general overhead expense management, procurement and audit recovery services.


The Desired Outcome

You now have an opportunity to improve the profitability of your organisation at NO COST to yourselves by utilising the expertise of Expense Reduction Analysts.

Contact Expense Reduction Analysts (Milton Shenker, Principal Consultant) on 03 9848 6672 or email if you’d like more information.